Quad Cities Storage offers steel roll-up doors on ALL storage units! These doors are quality metal doors that have just been professionally installed.

Benefits of steel roll-up doors:

There are several benefits to these types of doors.

  • Roll-up vs. Overhead doors: Roll-up doors simply roll-up and out of the way into a minimal space for just about any door. Compare that to the standard overhead doors that most garage owners are accustomed to. They have a large track that protrudes into the storage unit itself.
  • Ability to stack items: Seeing that the door rolls up and out of the way you have the ability to stack items as high as the ceiling in our storage units.
  • Increased usable cubic feet: Because of the minimal room that these roll-up doors take inside of the self-storage units, you are left with a maximized storage area with increase storage cubic feet. Our smallest units are able to host more than most of our competition.
  • Uncluttered storage space: Old wooden doors would swing into the storage units. This would leave a huge “V” shaped gap where items couldn’t be stored inside of the storage unit. As for Overhead doors, the track would clutter the internal storage space and reduce the usable cubic feet. Our steel roll-up doors maximize the space that you are paying for.